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So here’s a strength and cardio workout for you. My sister taught me this. When she was studying in Italy, she did this a few times a week and I can honestly say she got amazing arms from it.
I do this 2-3 times a week and I can see a change in my arms as well.
It’s literally two moves, just every time you do another set, it decreases by one.

got to 5 and my arms collapse on me.. ouchies i have no arm muscle. tomorrow i will do it but starting at 5 reps and build my way up..

usually i like to test these out before i reblog… but one more day of resting up for flu =(

These work great!:)

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It’s good to study the chakra system. When feelings arise, you can pinpoint where any blockages are causing negativity. You can then visually cleanse yourself on the go. Know yourself.



The Many Health Benefits of Shrimp:
Helps fight cancer
Keeps skin, hair and nails healthy 
Helps prevent anemia
Boosts energy
Helps build strong bones
Helps process fats
Helps fight depression
Helps promote prostate health
Keeps thyroid healthy
Helps stabilize blood sugar levels 

Boyfriend loves shrimp but I’m really not a huge fan :D

I honestly did not know shrimp had this many benefits!